Our path to Yanantin

The Andean civilisation is unique in many ways. It is the only great civilisation that originated on the mountain range – the Andes, after which it got its name. Also, it is the only one in which an empire of continental proportions was created, but which did not have a script, a wheel, riding animals, or even money. When all the circumstances are taken into account, a common sense question arises – how is any civilisation, let alone an empire, possible in such conditions? One of the possible answers lies in the ancient and still present principles of Andean societies – Yanantin (In Quechua, the original Andean language)

In the Andean world, everything exists in duality – city, parts of the world, cosmos, society, man. Everyone/everything is connected to someone/something else and together they form a complementary whole. It is this view of life that has built into Andean societies an unbreakable faith in togetherness, solidarity and cooperation. 

Yanantin doesn’t focus on the differences between two beings. That is what disconnects them. Instead, it focuses on the qualities that brought them together. That is Yanantin.  Not necessarily opposed, but complementary. One on its own can’t hold everything, can’t take care of everything. Not only are they great together, but they need to be together. When there is another, it represents extra strength for both. It does not mean there is always balance, the strength lies in the complementary forces. Maybe your partner is at 30% in a task and you are 70%, but you are at your best because your partner ad’s his or her qualities and you become Yanantin Masintin.

Another Quechua word often paired with Yanantin, is Masintin. Masintin is what is brought into the world, and not what stays in theory. A relationship between two people who in modern terms would be called “soul mates” Is Yanantin Masintin. It is no longer the theory of Yanantin, but a reality, a partnership.In Quantum Coaching, we would dive into it as entanglement.

Yanantin Academy founders Monica Villaume & Anders Brogaard, you can say “became” Yanantin Academy via the Andes mountains of Peru. Monica by birth, being Peruvian/Danish and having half of her family living in Peru and her grandmother to this day, age 97, lives by herself, high in the Andes mountains. Anders connected to Peru by shooting Vogue on the foothills of the Andes mountains outside Lima. That, later in life connected them and they found a deep connection to each other and partnered in both life and business, forming Masintin. Monica with her motherly warmth and deep insight into culture and extensive knowledge of the written word. Anders with his unbreakable entrepreneurial spirit, extensive travels and visual language. Both meeting the world in the storytelling of life shared to inspire, inform and entertain within mindful living and coaching.

We always strive to reach people at the level of insight they are at, in any given moment and from there, support them in to becoming as insightful into their own higher self, as our level of insight at that moment, enables us.

Welcome to Yanantin Academy.

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